What our customers are saying
about Naturelle.

That might sound a bit over the top (although it’s true!), but now I’m nearly at the end of this journey, I can say that without your help, I definitely wouldn’t have been as cheerful during these past few months.
The first thing is waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror with my “Marie Antoniette” (as I call my wig). Definitely a big morale booster! With long hair I look much prettier, and even a bit slimmer.
Then of course, after a chemo session – let’s be honest, it’s not a great experience – it’s fun to come here and share a few laughs with Alma.
Basically, it all goes back to what I said before:
So, thank you a million times, because Alma and Marie Antoniette have made the experience of this horrible disease so much easier.


Naturelle was the only positive thing about this hellish time! It meant I could do everything I did before the treatment without embarrassment or fear. I could keep living the life I was living before, and leave the house without feeling ashamed.
Many people, who didn’t know what had happened to me, didn’t even realise I was wearing a wig. Others, who did know, would ask “Is that your natural hair?”
I loved this wig and I still do. I also love the girls at Naturelle, who were very aware of the emotional implications that illness can have.
If I had to go through it all again, I’d certainly go back to Naturelle, instead of buying an ordinary wig. Friends of mine who have gone through the same illness didn’t enjoy wearing a wig at all – they couldn’t wait to take it off.
I’d recommend Naturelle to any woman who has to undergo chemotherapy:
wearing this type of wig puts you in a better frame of mind to deal with this disease!



Approachability and sensitivity: that’s what you find at Naturelle!
When you come to Naturelle, you’re feeling scared and disoriented. You’re afraid that your appearance is going to be seriously damaged by the side effects of treatment, so you’re worried that your mental health is going to suffer due to seeing yourself in the mirror looking ill every day.
Instead, they give you the opportunity to look at yourself every day in the mirror and see yourself as normal, managing to do the things you’ve always done and maintaining a daily routine, which helps so much in these situations!



I met Naturelle through a very dear friend of mine who is also dealing with this challenging journey. What I’d say is that Alma and her team really change the way you look at what you’re going through.
Feeling beautiful, attractive, but above all strong (physically and mentally) is, if you’ll excuse the word, a miracle. They do it all with so much tact and kindness.
Naturelle is a treatment in itself, because it gives you the strength to face this journey: no drug can give you that.
To Naturelle I’ll just say one little word that means so much:



When they gave me the diagnosis and told me the treatment I’d have to go through, I was devastated.
The first thing you feel is terror: of the pain, of the agonising treatment and of your body slowly deteriorating. You just feel anguish, even before you’ve started the treatment.
The hospital doesn’t treat that kind of pain. It’s as if your image and body aesthetics aren’t worth taking care of. You have to deal with the frightening side effects of cancer treatment almost immediately. They give you full information about that, maybe even too much detail. But no solutions. How your body looks is just seen as a cosmetic issue, nothing to do with health. But they’re wrong about that, very wrong.
When I made that phone call to Naturelle, something changed. At the consultation, they showed me what my hair was going to look like throughout the period of illness and convalescence. The cut was the same as mine, but the blond-gold hair was so bright and warm I think in the end it looked even better than my natural hair! That was actually going to be my hair. Naturelle took care of everything, saving me from having to face what terrified me more than anything else: the loss of my long blond hair.
The day I met Alma for the first time and saw what she could do, I suddenly found myself smiling. I even thought, with relief, that I was going to make it through the tunnel and come out the other side.
Her work isn’t just cosmetic. It gets the idea of “deterioration” out of your head.
When you nurture your image, you also nourish the way you think. You look towards a new life.
Alma’s a born nurturer. I’m always amazed to discover the meanings behind names. Alma, which means “nourishing kind soul” really suits her name, because she brings hope.